Our Model

Processors, Logistics, Warehousing and Manufacturing clients can count on Designed Workforce Solutions to create comprehensive customized staffing solutions that are ROI oriented.

They come to us because we know how to find solutions to tough problems, and we’re great at it, which means our clients can get back to being great at what they do, too. Our professional staff is dedicated and determined to create win-wins for everybody.

On-Site Plan

Designed Workforce Solutions will utilize our On-Site Manager, to coordinate functions related to your contingent workforce.

Responsibilities will include:

Acting as the liaison to your management team, business departments, HR, contingent workforce.

Overseeing the requisitions, recruiting, and placement processes.

Monitoring the performance of the contingent workforce and the on-site team.

Working alongside our safety team to meet your safety objectives.

Provide management reporting.

Implementing process improvements in coordination with management as it pertains to Staffing.

Participating and attending all production, scheduling and safety meetings.

On-site recruitment and Orientations.

Master Service Provider (MSP)

We offer clients the ability to remove themselves from the staffing day-to-day process by overseeing all aspects of large team solutions.

As a national partner we can:

Provide management reporting.

Manage vendors and other service providers

Implement cost and requisition management

Fixed Rate Model (FRM) Engineered Model

We have designed innovative ways that can save our clients on labor spend, increase productivity and motivate staff.

CPU pricing is particularly appropriate for high volume jobs.

Billing transactions on a fixed fee structure provides cost certainty.

Incentives can be built-in for staff to increase efficiency.

Clients save an average of 10% annually while enjoying up to 30% productivity increase.

Consulting Services

Few service providers have the in-house consulting capabilities that Designed Workforce Solutions offers. We take a holistic view of our clients’ businesses and offer services that   really make a difference to their bottom line.

Our consulting services focus on:

Out-of-state labor

Labor cost structures

Labor expense reduction

Technology solutions

Engineering services

Health and Safety/OSHA services